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  echo date_default_timezone_set('UTC');
  /* The terrminology for this function
    h : 12 hour format
    H : 24 hour format
    i : Minutes
    s : Seconds
    u : Microseconds
    a : Lowercasw am or pm
    l : Full text for the day
    F : Full text for the month
    j : Day of the month
    S : Suffix for the day st, nd, rd, etc
    Y : 4 digit y
    e : timezone
  echo date('h:i:s:u a, l F jS Y e');
$h = 'h'; 
$H = 'H'; 
$i = 'i'; 
$s = 's'; 
$u = 'u'; 
$a = 'a'; 
$l = 'l'; 
$F = 'F'; 
$j = 'j'; 
$S = 'S'; 
$Y = 'Y'; 
$e = 'e';
echo "12 hour format : ";echo date($h); echo "<br>";
echo "24 hour format : ";echo date($H); echo "<br>";
echo "Minutes : ";echo date($i); echo "<br>";
echo "Seconds : ";echo date($s); echo "<br>";
echo "Microseconds : ";echo date($u); echo "<br>";
echo "Lowercasw am or pm : ";echo date($a); echo "<br>";
echo "Full text for the day : ";echo date($l); echo "<br>";
echo "Full text for the month : ";echo date($F); echo "<br>";
echo "Day of the month : ";echo date($j); echo "<br>";
echo "Suffix for the day st, nd, rd, etc : ";echo date($S); echo "<br>";
echo "4 digit y : ";echo date($Y); echo "<br>";
echo "timezone : ";echo date($e); echo "<br>";

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