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(VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE), Oracle VirtualBox, Docker, Kubernetes, FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault, VMware Workstation/Fusion, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DigitalOcean, Synology DiskStation, QNAP NAS, Western Digital My Cloud)

Virtualization and Storage Technologies for Website Hosting, Website Containerization, Dedicated Storage, and VM Deployments:

  1. Virtualization Platforms:
  • VMware vSphere: Enterprise-level virtualization for server consolidation, high availability, and resource management.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: Virtualization platform for running multiple VMs on Windows servers.
  • Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE): Open-source virtualization with KVM and LXC support for data centers and cloud environments.
  • Oracle VirtualBox: General-purpose virtualization software for testing and development on desktops.
  1. Website Containerization:
  • Docker: Containerization platform for packaging applications and their dependencies for easy deployment and scalability.
  • Kubernetes: Container orchestration system for automating, scaling, and managing containerized applications.
  1. Dedicated Storage Operating Systems:
  • FreeNAS: Open-source NAS OS with support for SMB/CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI, offering data redundancy through ZFS.
  • OpenMediaVault: NAS OS with a web-based interface, supporting various file sharing protocols and plugins.
  1. Virtual Machine Deployment:
  • VMware Workstation/Fusion: Desktop virtualization for testing and development of VMs on personal computers.
  • Oracle VirtualBox: General-purpose virtualization software also used for testing and running VMs on desktops.
  • Microsoft Azure: Cloud platform offering VM deployment and management in the cloud.
  • Amazon EC2: Cloud-based VMs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalable computing.
  1. Cloud Hosting Services:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Cloud computing platform with various services, including EC2 for VMs and S3 for storage.
  • Microsoft Azure: Cloud platform offering VMs, databases, and other services for website hosting and application deployment.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Cloud services with Compute Engine for VMs and Cloud Storage for scalable storage.
  • DigitalOcean: Cloud provider with Droplets (VMs) and Spaces for object storage.
  1. Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Solutions:
  • Synology DiskStation: NAS solution with a user-friendly interface, supporting various services like file sharing, backups, and media streaming.
  • QNAP NAS: Network storage solutions with comprehensive applications and RAID configurations for data protection.
  • Western Digital My Cloud: Personal cloud storage for home users with remote access to files.

These are some of the popular virtualization and storage technologies used in the IT industry, each catering to specific use cases for website hosting, containerization, storage, and VM deployments.

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